I Ditched Facebook

 All the experts say if you are a writer, even an unknown one, you must have a presence on Social Media.

I’d tried LinkedIn, GooglePlus, and Facebook, but I found myself spending more time maintaining these postings than I did on writing. Some may argue while this was no great loss to the literary world; it was a loss to me.

Facebook is a way to stay connected and I will miss friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

I love the animal stories and snarky jokes and the political stuff, even the rabid right wingers I don’t agree with. If we don’t read about points of view different from our own, we limit ourselves. If nothing else it affirms our own good judgment (ahem).

The thing that gets me about Facebook is the “look-at-me and what I have” photos, postings etc. They are bad enough, then you have all the hangers-on who “like” that you made a complete jackass of yourself as a show-off and go on to “share”, adding themselves to the jackass category.

The other thing is, you can discover stuff about people that you’d just as soon not know, and that increases the potential for people to discover stuff about you. Those privacy restrictions come with a caveat.

The shared inspirational, positive affirmation posters, some so saccharine, they are borderline nauseous, especially before breakfast. These fall into three categories.

  • The “get over heartbreak you are not alone” for those who wish to remain heartbroken.


  • “The sun will come up tomorrow” if you are in recovery from heartbreak.


  • “A flower to share with someone in heaven.” It’s supposed to be heaven, they don’t need Facebook.


And Lordy, the one I can’t stand is some sob sister/brother posting a request to copy, paste, share some earthshattering blathering with an asterisk notation that few people will bother. (usually for good reason)

Finally, people who put photos of their kids on social media are nuts. There are too many software programs to capture images and some creep somewhere knows how to do this.

So, if you were my friend, or followed me on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, I’m gone, but I have email or you can leave a  snarky comment here every week.

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