How To Find Serenity From the Grim Daily News Coverage When You Exceed Your Martini Quota

Daily press coverage confirms my worst fear, that our elected officials have adopted the standards of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Seemed like a good time to drop out; abandon news coverage of the day’s events and indulge in escape entertainment.

Streaming entertainment provided the perfect solution and British television is my go-to comfort escape for top-notch entertainment.

It started out great watching Poldark, but then the plot began to take on a familiar turn, with poor people getting the shaft and those in the elite class gaining advantages. an uneasy reminder that conditions haven’t changed much. Poldark, with his rippling biceps and dark brooding eyes, were enough to keep me interested for a while. But then poor Morwenna’s ruthless kin married her off to a foppish widower with a foot fetish. That twist in the plot is a reminder of the precarious position for women’s rights today. No more Poldark.

I stumbled on the Lark Rise to Candleford series. It had all the elements of a good yarn; humor, pathos, and romance. The ragged existence of the tenants and the pronounced difference between the haves and have-nots became painful to watch. One of the main characters is an angry anti-Tory tenant, vocal in his attempt to affect change, but unsuccessful. More evidence that history repeats itself is frightening, so I opted for something more modern.

Acceptable Risk, an Irish thriller set in modern-day Dublin, grabbed my attention. Unusual plot, no car chases or bodice rippers. As the series progressed, the backstory revealed an evil plot by big pharma and their skulduggery. Still angry over my last outrageous prescription co-pay, I knew it was time to move on.

I am now watching the PBS kids channel. Congress should tune in. Those kids are way smarter and a lot classier.


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