The Term “your truth” is a Big Fat Cop Out

After telling someone about an incident that happened to me, the person commented that is “your truth.”

My knuckles turned white; my jaw froze due to the extreme effort required to keep my mouth shut. They were half right. I wanted to respond “Hell no, it is a fact”; that is “my truth.”

What does  “your truth” mean?

I believe being genuine or the best you can be; not changing who you are depending on the situation is your truth.

Today it seems truth has taken on a whole new meaning and equates to tap dancing in a fish net. What seems to be acceptable today are euphemisms for truth. Terms like “your truth and “fake news” are not substitutes for fact.

According to philosophers, fact is demonstrated by logic and truth is an opinion about facts. Truth should be constant. An opinion, perspective, or point of view is not the same.

To have a prevaricator of the highest order occupy the oval office supports my observation that some of us have difficulty distinguishing between truth and fact.

Accepting ill-founded theories, perspectives or maxims as truths is dangerous.  History and logic have recorded the consequences.

“Every man has a right to his own opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts” is credited to American financier Bernard M Baruch 1870-1965.

The next time someone tells me that is “your truth”, I’ll have the correct answer.



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