Holiday Free Zone No Guilt Time Begins December 26th

This is the magical time of the year, I call the free-zone-no-guilt time.

It begins December 26th and ends January 1st. It is useless to fight free zone time with altruistic fervor or a sense of superiority.

Most people practice free-zone-no-guilt, but few will admit it.

After years of feeling guilty over holiday eating, I decided to take a Zen approach and go with the flow. I believe it is best to own it and let it all hang out.

This is that time of the year when the kitchen beckons far too often. It is also when the kitchen is loaded with items not ordinarily found there.

There is the chocolate covered trail mix that only makes an appearance in the stores during this time. The Panettone bread is an absolute necessity during the holidays.

All manners of eggnog hide in the fridge. Actually, the only time eggnog hides is when I attempt to mask its presence, but someone always manages to discover it stashed behind the yogurt.

I can make a case for cheesy queso with chips as satisfying a majority of the food pyramid suggestions for healthy eating. It contains protein, carbs, and tomatoes and sounds like breakfast to me; which brings me to yet another benefit of the free-zone.

Non-traditional breakfast foods are acceptable, and in fact, encouraged.

Left-overs are definitely upscale from the usual offerings. Yorkshire pudding and prosciutto make a tasty snack while I Google what to do with the brussel sprouts. Why is it the portions of leftover veggies increase while the cheese ball vanishes?

Holiday cookies are a special bed-time treat and the sugar coma afterward promotes restful sleep.

The practice of letting it all hang-out becomes obvious shortly before January 1st when my baggiest pair of sweats strain at the seams.

January 2nd will find me hanging out at the gym because free-zone-no-guilt returns in eleven months.

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