Not Feeling The Love At the Supermarket Check Out

The courtesy clerk a.k.a. bag person at the supermarket appeared organized and efficient as he gathered extra plastic bags and placed them on a stand ready for use.

My first thought when I observed a mature worker was, at last, an employer who does not practice age discrimination. (Recent demographic publications state the term “matures” is less offensive than “senior citizens.”)

My admiration was short lived.

I handed him my cloth bags and in return received a withering look that would have sent a less mature woman slinking away to the self check-out line. He was a total jackass.

I picked up a bag and began helping. Most sackers, sack personnel, bag people or whatever their title is are jovial and appreciate the help. This dude made a hand gesture for me to speed up my operation.

First of all, he hurled a shrink-wrapped bundle of paper towels into the bottom of the buggy and placed a gallon of distilled water in with my seafood purchases. During the entire checkout process, he muttered, groused and shook his head.  I needed a linebacker to carry the heavy bags.

He was the most disagreeable person I’ve encountered since yesterday when the right wing jerk at the gym gave me the stink eye.

Age and life experience are supposed to bring a certain measure of grace and tolerance. This person was living proof of why older people are sometimes avoided. Maybe age had nothing to do with it and, he was always a jerk who had perfected his skill.

Or possibly the supermarket job was beneath his level of expertise. This could be a survival job for him. Survival jobs for the young and hopeful turn into something quite different for older folks. Had the universe had been unkind to him?

Still, I was proud of myself when I decided not to roll the grocery cart over his foot as I left the store.

Karmic justice can be rough. If trickle down economy fails AGAIN, I want positive vibes should I find myself sacking grocers or ahem…..a courtesy clerk.

Don’t Cry When Things Go Wrong-Do What Men Do-Head For the Nearest Bar

 Southern women were taught that crying is therapeutic; sit down and have a good cry. Get it out of your system when things go wrong.

Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret

Crying was the only option women had before Xanax therapy they could drink in public.
Duped into believing a little cold water splashed on their face concealed the ravages of a crying jag. No one mentioned the afterglow of the ugly cry; a big red nose and bloodshot eyes.

After much deliberation, I decided I’d as soon someone see me rip-roaring drunk rather than bawling like some misbegotten female in a bad soap opera. Crying is a sign of weakness and women have evolved beyond sniveling and whining.

Crying is what men expect us to do when we get upset.

No one would dream of telling a man to have a good cry and everything would be fine. Do what they do and head for the nearest bar when things go wrong.
You are going to look as awful from drinking as you would crying so you may as well drown your sorrows in an adult beverage.

After three martinis my eyes turn red. Two Irish coffees and my sinuses decongest. After four tequila shots, I start to sing and THAT sounds like the neighbor’s cat in heat. I look as bad after the booze as I do after the ugly cry.

Forget about wailing when thing go wrong. Drinking is a therapeutic option; may even prevent Alzheimer’s.

       Note: Originally published by Mary Margaret in 2014


Little Known Facts About How To Survive When You Work For a Crazy Boss

If you think your job is crappy, how’d you like to have Sarah Huckabee Sanders job and work for a high profile crazy boss?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders deserves a break.

Think about it. She leaves three toddlers every day to go to work for a crazy boss with toddler mentality. Diapers, cheerios, and tantrums left at home, she arrives at work to grapple with poo duty, greasy KFC, and twitter tantrums.

photo by Geralt

Managing an overgrown toddler’s outbursts without the authority to enforce a timeout requires skill and cunning.

Only the fortunate or self-employed have escaped working for a crazy boss. There is no gender exception for a crazy boss, they come in both.

I’ve had a couple of bosses so unhinged I learned in order to survive, you have to do a work-around.

Heavy demands on staff, require good teamwork so that a crazy boss doesn’t screw it up for everyone. Ingenuity is essential in determining how to avoid involving the non compos mentis in charge.

Must be on good terms with the in-house tech department to ensure deleted emails get lost forever.

Outside connections are vital when the crazy boss needs to leave the premises to avoid a major screw up. A phony request for a television interview works magic. You can deal with the fall out later; it’s called taking one for the team.

Then there is the art of code language when there is no option to exclude the nut in charge. When the situation requires a diversionary tactic a raised eyebrow or a tug on the ear sends the message.

Politics and religion aside, you have to give Sarah credit for doing a difficult job. It’s obvious she has developed strategies for handling her crazy boss.

She doesn’t blink, lose her cool or hesitate when answering questions.

If she ever decides to use her powers for good and leave the forces of evil behind, think what a powerful voice for the women’s movement she would be.

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