Not Feeling The Love At the Supermarket Check Out

The courtesy clerk a.k.a. bag person at the supermarket appeared organized and efficient as he gathered extra plastic bags and placed them on a stand ready for use.

My first thought when I observed a mature worker was, at last, an employer who does not practice age discrimination. (Recent demographic publications state the term “matures” is less offensive than “senior citizens.”)

My admiration was short lived.

I handed him my cloth bags and in return received a withering look that would have sent a less mature woman slinking away to the self check-out line. He was a total jackass.

I picked up a bag and began helping. Most sackers, sack personnel, bag people or whatever their title is are jovial and appreciate the help. This dude made a hand gesture for me to speed up my operation.

First of all, he hurled a shrink-wrapped bundle of paper towels into the bottom of the buggy and placed a gallon of distilled water in with my seafood purchases. During the entire checkout process, he muttered, groused and shook his head.  I needed a linebacker to carry the heavy bags.

He was the most disagreeable person I’ve encountered since yesterday when the right wing jerk at the gym gave me the stink eye.

Age and life experience are supposed to bring a certain measure of grace and tolerance. This person was living proof of why older people are sometimes avoided. Maybe age had nothing to do with it and, he was always a jerk who had perfected his skill.

Or possibly the supermarket job was beneath his level of expertise. This could be a survival job for him. Survival jobs for the young and hopeful turn into something quite different for older folks. Had the universe had been unkind to him?

Still, I was proud of myself when I decided not to roll the grocery cart over his foot as I left the store.

Karmic justice can be rough. If trickle down economy fails AGAIN, I want positive vibes should I find myself sacking grocers or ahem…..a courtesy clerk.

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