Cell Phone or Cable?

We recovered the cost of several pairs of thermal underwear, fleece lined active wear and thermal socks purchased for indoor wear this past winter. We pushed the limits of hypothermia and survived. In spite of cost saving efforts, the most recent bill for heating forced me to re think priorities.

Approaching summer, the reverse hypothesis will not apply. Discarding attire, in the name of conserving air conditioning, cranks up the eeewww factor considerably. And, as I have no desire to spend six months living like a salamander, I have vowed to find other ways to become more prudent financially.

What shall I sacrifice in the name of economy? Cable, internet and landline are bundled. I could unbundle these services and give up landline, but what if I forget to charge my cell phone and there is an emergency. How would I call someone?

Internet connection is not an option. I’d give up chocolate and vodka before I’d give up the web. It comes down to cable television. Can I survive without cable tv?. I really get irked at cable providers. Many of the mind numbing cable offerings should hit the recycle bin. Why not offer a moderate range of channels that includes local, public broadcasting and HBO. No one offers that selection. You have to buy a plan with garbage you never watch in order to get HBO. Contemplating life without HBO is painful, but possible.

I suppressed the urge to purchase an iphone. I audited our cell phone statement to see which features we can eliminate. My spouse rarely uses his cell. He never texts, and would be delighted not to carry the device. Most of my cell communication is by text and I rarely make calls. We have unlimited text messages with our plan and a bazillion minutes we never use. The obvious solution would be to reduce minutes on our plan. Big surprise; if we reduce minutes we never use, our cell provider takes away unlimited text messages.

Thus far, I have found nothing to eliminate. If I am forced to remain indoors, layered six deep in the winter and au naturel in the summer, HBO and the internet are here to stay.

Weren’t we told that deregulation of utilities would benefit the consumer? How’s that working out for you?

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