Watch Out for Little Old Ladies

It is a huge mistake to underestimate little old ladies as I recently discovered.

I don’t use the term “little old ladies” lightly as Its use covers many categories of discrimination. However, I am going to ask for a one-time pass.

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I encountered a dear little soul, who had experienced many years on earth.

The bus from a retirement home was parked in front, so I assumed she was with that group. Our paths crossed several times and she appeared to be very fragile.  Pushing a small shopping cart up and down the aisle she smiled and greeted other shoppers.

She had a vague, quizzical expression on her face that made me wonder why she was unaccompanied. She was dressed in sportswear and not the overdone velour activewear so many women in her generation seem to like. Closer examination of her revealed a face wrinkled and leathery from too much time spent in the sun.

Her cart had so few items in it, I wondered why she bothered; surely someone could have added them to their list and saved her the trip.

I finished shopping, checked out and was headed to the parking lot when I encountered the dear “little old lady” once more. She was astride a spiffy looking bike, bike helmet in place and her grocery items placed in a basket.

I watched her as she rode off onto a heavily traveled major thoroughfare in central Dallas.

Maybe shopping for groceries  was a chore she despises. She probably would have preferred to be at a biker bar, drinking beer with her buddies.

You just never know about people, especially little old ladies.

Note To Self:

Read your past posts about pigeonholing

Read your comments about ageism

Never, ever use the term “little old lady” again, unless you want it applied to yourself.

Ramp up your time at the gym, wear sunscreen and cover your bat wings.

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