You Know Who

There is an overload of commentary about you-know-who. Most people are beyond weary of hearing/reading/thinking about you-know-who. He has exhausted our capacity to be shocked/angered/frightened/dismayed.

The one positive for those of us who are united in disgust by his example of leadership is the discovery of our reserve of tolerance.

A recent party that I always look forward to attending presented a variety of demographics. It is a liberal group, so I was surprised to discover several attendees are ardent red cap devotees. Even more surprised that some are women.

Perhaps the exchanges were more contained due to the adult beverages, but there were no shouting matches and there was much laughter. I was surprised at some of the reasons for supporting you-know-who, and at my capacity to smile and nod. There were no attempts by either side to convert the opposition, perhaps because both knew it would be hopeless.

I came away with two conclusions.

Diversity and tolerance are what unite us.

The legislature would work better if they served wine.

You-know-who is no longer ink-worthy here except for this final parting shot.


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