Oh Hell No!

Recent events, and yes, I’m talking about the shootings, have caused me to re-evaluate my thoughts about being politically correct.

I read an online account of someone who was conflicted about a family member who touted the stereo-typed “one good man with a gun coulda, shoulda, blah, blah, blah” It occurred to me that conflict resolution doesn’t have to be hard. Even the densest among us know not to fool with a southern woman when she says, “oh hell no.”

Heretofore, I’ve tried to be tolerant of the views of those who do not agree with me. But wait a minute; how do I justify being a tolerant host/matriarch/friend/liberal person to those whose views and values are diametrically opposed to mine?

I had an ‘aha moment; I don’t have to.

So here’s the deal; I do not give a continental damn if you have open carry, conceal carry or whatever carry, your second amendment rights expire when you enter my home.

I’ve tried to be polite; hoping my silence, accompanied by eye-rolls, and grimaces would convey my abhorrence of the use of racial slurs. The guilt I have experienced by not speaking out, has finally overcome my reluctance to create a scene.

The Nigerian pharmacist who double checked my prescriptions to make sure I am taking them effectively, deserves better from me.

The Eastern Indian woman, my physical therapist, who I love like family, deserves better from me.

The female African American physical trainer at my gym, who knows stuff about me my family would be surprised to know, deserves better from me.

Our Mexican American neighbor deserves better from me.

In the interest of being politically correct, not wanting to make waves; keep the peace, I have denigrated those who mean a great deal to me.

My granddaughters deserve the example of a strong female role model.

To those who spout hate and racism, I don’t care where it is, or who it is I’m saying “Oh hell no.” If I create a scene so be it.

Enough is enough.

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