Could Thelma and Louise Run Our Country?

If you ask most people, they would say personality traits and interests are the ties that cement relationships. I believe it’s the opposite.

I’d be bored to death if I had to spend time with someone who is just like me. I have proof of my theory.

One of my most cherished buds is nothing like me; and as far as I can tell she enjoys my company.

She is the voice of reason and measured responses.

In my case, the filter on my mouth comes loose and takes off on its own.

She has a Master’s degree but doesn’t flaunt it.

I have some college; am a lifelong smart aleck and occasionally embarrass myself.

We enjoy the same books and some of the same movies. She is a romantic with a bent toward nostalgia. I prefer HBO— off the wall drama. Nostalgia rarely visits me.

She is a social whirling dervish. I can be happy at home for days on end.

I’ve come to believe she is the angel that sits on my shoulder and I am the devil that occupies real estate on hers.

Most people would never suspect that my devil tugs on her ear at times. On rare occasions, her angel holds her nose and performs a quick fly-over to me.

Someone referred to us as Thelma and Louise. They nailed it—that’s us.   I’m Louise. My bud is nowhere as meek as Thelma. So far, as I know, she has never visited a bar.

I haven’t visited a bar recently, but if I did; and if she happened to tag along and some man tried to assault her, I wouldn’t kill him, but I’d make sure he wished he was dead.

I’m too much of a coward to drive off a cliff and my friend would never agree to that. We might consider putting the assailant in the car and letting him take a ride off a cliff, but I don’t think we’d follow through.  For all our differences the thing my friend and I have in common is a similar value system; caring and compassion.

The current division in our country isn’t as much about our differences as it is about the trickle-down, low-down, break-down of values demonstrated by the current occupant of the white house.

A Thelma and Louise paradigm shift could be an improvement

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