Maybe Dogs Don’t Like Trump Either

Am I the only person who wonders why the current occupant of the oval office doesn’t have a dog? This is an American tradition.

Many of the past presidents had dogs. The Obama’s had Bo, Bush 2 Barney and Bush 1 Millie. Who can forget LBJ’s beagles? Even that nasty Nixon, had Checkers (the dog died before Nixon became President and was spared any association with Watergate.) The Kennedys dog, Pushinka was a gift from Premier Khrushchev.

We have some clues about what Trump may have given Putin, but why did Putin not follow the tradition of Premier Khrushchev and present the Donald with a dog?

The other curious thing is nothing is ever written about Trump enjoying quality time with his near and dear. (Given his history, there may be a good reason for not publicizing those he considers near and dear.)

Maybe his family doesn’t like him either. Could it be he is the male counterpart of “Mommy Dearest” or perhaps the Trump dynasty is more like the “Running with Scissors” family.

Aside from photos of him and a stony-faced Melania with clenched jaw and angry eyes, there is no hint of any sort of connection. You never read about Kennedy-type picnics and touch football games or photo ops like Obama with his girls at a bookstore.

Trump does not have a dog. One cannot say with any degree of certainty that Trump doesn’t like dogs; I’m betting it is more like dogs don’t like him.

If you want to know the true character of an individual, put a dog in the room with that person. Dogs have higher standards than many humans and refuse to have anything to do with flawed individuals. There is no greater endorsement of personal character than the devotion of a dog.

The Democrats should invite a dog to their house hearings of the Trump crime family. I’ll bet their stonewalling shenanigans would stop in a hurry.

You can’t stonewall a dog.

Note: For a different take on current events. Check it out.

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