Situations are Deplorable; People Are Not

Despite being an ardent trump supporter, he is a good man; a fervent evangelical who follows the tenets of that group. He had no qualms about altering his faith to support a leader who has a serious deficit in humanity.

His political beliefs meet all the qualifications for a so-called “Deplorable.” I first wrote about him this past November.

I ran into him last week and he told me he is recovering from a serious illness. His doctor recommended more tests and a consultation with a specialist.

He has no insurance.

He is not able to work full time because of his illness.

Due to his reduced income, he cannot afford the extra tests or a visit to a specialist.

I did not ask him if his virulent opposition to President Obama and the affordable care act had changed.

I did not mention that now he has a pre-existing condition which is insurance-speak for you got screwed.

I wished him well and told him I am sorry for his illness.

And I am sorry.

I am sorry, he relied on tribe mentality to define his political views.

I am sorry he turned a blind eye to Trump’s total indifference to the less fortunate.

I am sorry he supports a regime that works against his best interest.

He was searching for leadership that would lead to a better life.

He is not deplorable; he is betrayed.


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