Civil Liberty and Herd Mentality

You don’t want to live in a democracy where rules and regs are established for an orderly society.

You refuse to social distance or wear a mask. You don’t want to be deprived of your civil liberties. You demand business as usual.

Hauling a long rifle or an assault weapon to threaten elected officials doesn’t make your case; it just makes you stupid.

Basic knowledge of geography might present an impediment to implementing this project, but then again you indicate that you have all the answers. Think of it as an opportunity to put your brain where your mouth is.

Buy an island.

There are many islands available for sale online where you can rule supreme. Think of the freedom you will have to drive as fast as you please, no insurance required, no driver’s license required.

If you get sick you can man up and resort to your home remedies or hire a privately contracted physician. Need drugs to treat your symptoms? Have them flown in.

If a tribe of cannibalistic pygmies appear on your doorstep; well you can handle them. Law enforcement is no longer an obstruction to defending your civil liberty.

The only person who will bear responsibility for the consequences of your actions is you. This is what you desire – correct?

People who complain about their civil liberties being violated, want to impose their rights on the rest of us. They belong on an island.

If these yokels took advantage of an opportunity to live where they could enjoy their civil liberties without any restraints, I’m betting they would fall flatter than a Cracker Barrel day old waffle. The fervor for civil liberty is difficult to maintain without the support of herd mentality.

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