Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner in Dallas?

I retired Biased, Unbalanced and Politically Incorrect when I realized it more aptly described Donald Trump and not the writer who colors outside the lines. 

My voice is a small one, but it is mine. I can do enough damage by my hand without the additional burden of any association with HIM.

All was going well with my new writing agenda until the local paper announced he was coming to dinner, in Dallas, attended by folks who would pay upwards of a half a million dollars per couple for the opportunity to dine with someone who reportedly chows down on KFC.

Why, given today’s current political and economical situation would anyone pay this kind of money to rub shoulders with the antithesis of the elite?

The first thing that comes to mind is the organ grinder’s monkey who dances and prances for anyone who puts money in the cup.

It is frightening to contemplate the motives of those who throw half million-dollar coins to make certain the monkey continues to dance. It can’t be good news for those of us who can’t afford to go to the circus.

I am sick and tired of the organ grinder and especially the monkey.


  1. I saw that announcement in the DMN and nearly puked. Didn’t know whether to be angrier at Trump or the people who pay good money to brush shoulders with him. Both are pathetic!


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