Texas Power Grid and The Pandemic

Texas in the summer is akin to a cool spot in hell. Logic dictates that more people staying at home will be using air-conditioning, the stove, and television.

Scientists have been warning of pandemics and the consequences of ignoring attention to our power grid for years. Somehow this information eluded our state leadership. Birthing and bathrooms were the hot button issues for the last session of the Texas legislature.

Seems to me a priority would be to make sure the power grid was up to the challenge, but the governor’s focus has been on reopening the state’s economy. Too many Texans do not have access to the internet, a necessity for virtual schooling, tele-med, and alleviating isolation.

Career politicians up for re-election may discover that women, particularly those of a certain age, demand air conditioning when the heat index is 105.

Hell hath no fury like an angry female, locked down with bored, hungry kids, sports deprived spouse and no electricity.

Many of them will brave the heat, Covid-19, grab a mask and gloves, and head to the polls. Anyone who knows anything at all about women, knows we have long memories.

Just to be clear, we haven’t gotten over the bathroom and birthing fiascos either.

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