No More Statues Please

A good place to begin to end racism is to acknowledge our country was conceived in white supremacy. History has demonstrated that repeatedly.

We have torn down statues, renamed streets, and are in the process of renaming schools. Many of the statues memorialize past leaders of our country, men who followed the flawed dictates of their base. Dixie’s Daughters, The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture not only provided funds for these statues but worked to reject textbooks that said slavery was the cause of the civil war.

If memory serves me, my high school history teacher said the dispute over the state’s rights was the cause of the civil war. Even today in Texas the State Board of Education, permits politically driven textbooks that are sanitized to the extent students are growing up with watered-down concepts of history.

America has a lot of ugly history, the Salem witch-hunts, the massacre of Native American Indians, internment camps for Japanese, Germans, and Italians in the US. Worse yet, history is repeating itself with the immigration detainee camps.

Few mortals can withstand the scrutiny of history.  Statues of public figures, driven by the context of their tenure, should be limited to their final resting place along with their ideals.


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