Trump’s Atrocious Lack of Respect for Justice Ginsberg No Surprise

By now, we know not to expect dignity and respect from Trump or his lemmings in the senate. If there was ever an opportunity for Republicans to prove they have a shred of human decency, it was with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. They failed miserably.

Justice Ginsberg’s legacy of equal rights for women means a lot to me and many others of my generation who experienced many of the discriminatory practices against women. Today young women can scarcely imagine a world where women were not legally protected against many of the most invasive forms of discrimination.

Imagine that in 1958 a woman could be fired for being pregnant. It was not until 1978 until legislation passed prohibiting discrimination against pregnant women. Ruth Ginsberg drafted the pregnancy discrimination act.

This was before no-fault divorce and women had few opportunities to escape a wretched marriage. Those who chose to leave often were charged with abandonment. Abandonment, nothing more than a legal term, was a blessing, except employers could ask the reason for the divorce often putting their own spin on your situation.

In that era divorced a mom with young children, had limited options without the support of their family. Despite having a job, she could not get a bank loan without a co-signer, unless she was one of the Gettys.

In the sixties, I worked for a small-town doctor, a general practitioner. That job cemented my adamant belief that a woman, and her doctor should have the freedom to make decisions regarding her body, without restraints imposed by the government.

I know we are supposed to respect those whose views differ from ours; I’m not up to that challenge.  I cannot accept one group of people unilaterally decide what is best for all women. I remember what life was like before Roe V Wade and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Justice Ginsberg was a champion for women, yet the Republicans are aching for the opportunity to destroy her legacy.  The current regime would not hesitate to take us back to the sixties.

It is inconceivable that there are women who will continue to vote against their own interest i.e. Republican.

It is conceivable that all women will pay the price for their stupidity.


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