Return to Decency

Not surprising to hear that we are sick and tired of the pandemic and politics and want to get back to normal.

Pre pandemic normal or pre-Trump normal?

Science and a vaccine will determine what a post-pandemic normal looks like.

Unless Trump loses the election by a landslide, given his propensity for drama, the fallout may be like bathing the devil in holy water; normal behavior for Trump.

I don’t want to get back to Trump normal. I never again want to hear the phrases, “The greatest —–in the history of our country” and “Like you’ve never seen before”. There should be a national movement to remove improper adverbs “hugely”, “largely” and all Trumpian misspeaks from our language.

Political backroom scheming and posturing for the advantage of a few is not a normal I want to revisit.

Instead of getting back to normal. I’d like to move forward toward decency. Scheming and posturing require a lot of energy. Practicing decency is a less burdensome lifestyle.

A few days from now many of us will either breathe easier or experience the unyielding black fog of dread in getting back to normal.

Here’s hoping the election brings peace and harmony and sends the Trump crime family packing.

I’m ready for a little more Zen in my life.


  1. You must send this blog as a letter to the morning newspaper. It is so well-written and they are now publishing letters that are very Pro one way or the other. I believe they would publish it and you would find lots and lots of people appreciating it.

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