So, You Believe Wearing A Mask Is a Violation of your Civil Rights?

Most likely thinking of others is not part of your DNA; It’s every man for himself. If you get COVID-19, you will handle it.

Let’s assume you lose the coin toss; you get COVID-19. Exercising your rights earned you a spot in the ICU, if there is one available.

You can’t breathe and here you are stuck on a ventilator. Bet your bravado for exercising your civil rights is replaced by some pretty scary thoughts.

If you are anywhere near coherent, the thought that you may die must cross your mind.

I suppose one could say you are willing to die for your civil rights, in fact those words might be a fitting epitaph for your tombstone.

But what about the potential deadly fall out as a result of your selfishness?

The Doctor who treats you has plans for his future yet places your welfare above his own.

The nurse who treats you may have a family to go home to, or not if she gets sick.

The respiration therapist who treats you places your well-being above theirs.

Let’s assume you survive but were complicit in the death of those who save you.

The likelihood that you would ever know who died taking care of you is remote.

But if you did know, could you live with it?

Do the right thing and just put on the damn mask.


  1. That’s the best blog I’ve ever read of yours. I just hope the people who need to read it will see it and read it. It would be a great letter to the editor! Go for it!

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