Pandemic Skills

Thankful to have thus far escaped COVID-19; I have tried to embrace the “cup is half full” concept and find the light through a dark time.

During this period of isolation, some got their doctorate degree, mastered baking or learned a new language. I am a slug; my ambitions are nowhere near that lofty.

A recent trip to the vet indicated our cat Maxwell developed dental plaque. The teeth cleaning procedure at the vet is pricey and involves anesthesia. I love him, but, if it’s my teeth or his, he will have to be content with soft food.

I turned to YouTube for solutions. I even stumbled across a video on how to trim your hair and not look like you were recovering from a head lice treatment.

A YouTube video featuring a fluffy adorable cat having its teeth brushed looked easy enough.

Maxwell is super smart and a mama’s boy, so I knew he would fall right in line with the program. Wrong! He wanted no part of this regimen. No amount of cat treats enticed him to cooperate.

I discovered playing to his male vanity was the ticket. When viewing his “pretty boy” image in the bathroom mirror, he grudgingly accepted having his teeth brushed.

As for me, I’m proud of my new skill. It is not a lofty achievement, but the cat has a beautiful smile.


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