Native Texas Uterus

I am a uterus. I live in Texas. Never in the history of the state have I been the focus of this much attention. I am confused by all the attention as legislators have never indicated much interest in my owner’s welfare.

I am horrified by their misinformation about my function. The intelligence level of the legislators who are passing laws focused on my well-being is somewhere beneath that of a fruit fly. It is embarrassing to be the prime area of concern for this body of people.

The ignorance used to justify proposed legislation is staggering, but I do have a new respect for their creativity.

Most of the people determining what is best for me are men. I do not understand this at all. Men do not have a uterus, but their status as sperm donors must give them a false sense of entitlement.

Elevating my status to such a state of importance requires an attorney to determine my highest and best use. I am puzzled why the senators believe my owner and my doctor are not the best qualified to determine what happens within my boundaries.

There is not a sane woman in the nation who would move to Texas. I guess the Governor while promoting the business climate in Texas forgot that some of us uteri live within female business owners who could decide against relocation here.

I am going to call my friend, prostate. He may want to take some protective measures. The next election may bring a bunch of angry women making decisions about his owner.

Note: First posted in July of 2013 and proposed legislation has become more radical in 2021.


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