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About JoAnn….

“About JoAnn” is probably more information than you wanted, but check it out anyway.

I grew up in Texas on the Louisiana border. The culture in my small town fluctuated from uptight Daughters of the American Revolution society matrons to redneck hillbilly. Family dynamics ranged from South of “crazy as a Betsy bug” to way East of eccentric.

I had connections on both sides, which is a good thing because Southerners celebrate “crazy.” We’ve elevated it to an art form and call it “eccentric.”

I have published essays in Flash Fiction Magazine and The Dead Mule School of Southern Writing.

My books are available at these online retailers.

“Tap Dancing in a Fishnet,” a humorous memoir about my experience growing up in the South with an unorthodox, but lovable family.

“I Said It….I’m Not Sorry,” is a collection of essays about having fun with Dysfunction.

“All My Jobs,” is a tale of survival when you don’t have a career path and work for weird people.

Having a smart mouth comes with a dubious set of benefits and somewhere down the line; I started writing  “Biased, Unbalanced and Politically Incorrect.” 

When I find myself speechless,  Mary Margaret always has something to say.




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