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About Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret is featured as a guest blogger from time to time, but who is she?

The filter that monitors what comes out of my mouth was defective from day one. Southern women don’t recognize these as flaws; we call them eccentricities.

I gave my eccentricity a name – Mary Margaret.

Unconventional, nonconformist and more than a tad rebellious, Mary Margaret doesn’t give a rip what others think about her and often says what I wish I’d said.

She’s been with me for as long as I can remember. A free spirit who ignores my plea to be more circumspect, measure words and think before speaking. She has caused me embarrassment, created chaos and gotten me into all kinds of difficult situations.

When she demands to be heard she is featured as a guest blogger.

She discounts literary snobs who advise against writing or reading political or highly opinionated essays and believes that people who don’t express their political opinion deserve to live with the outcome of their complacency.