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Go Figure

“If logic doesn’t form the basis of opinion, logic can’t change that opinion.”

I wish I’d said it; I did not. I wish I’d read it sooner. Perhaps this explanation would have softened my feelings about people I’m fond of but who support tRump.

I believe those who support him have extremely impaired values. I’ll go even farther and state I put as much space between those folks and myself as possible.

Today I ran into our resident handyman, an ardent DJT supporter, who also happens to be a decent, honest guy. We’ve had many discussions about his political opinions and manage to maintain civility.

I couldn’t understand how he can support a man who has zero redeeming characteristics. He had no issues with POTUS denigrating, women, Hispanics, African Americans and anyone who does not appear to have Nordic characteristics.

Surely mocking a disabled journalist would cause any decent person to rethink their loyalties. None of those offenses was the silver bullet that shattered his belief.

He had not supported Trump based on logic. I have a hunch his opinions were formed by too much talk show radio and too many television preachers.

I’m going to hazard a guess that it was full throttle fear that caused his change of heart.

Logic did not prevail for the 2016 election and is glaringly absent from most of our elected officials.

Fear can be a powerful motivator when logic fails. I’m hoping a lot of folks are scared to death right now.

A Return to Standard Time

This weekend we set our clocks back and returned to standard time.

Wouldn’t it be a relief if we could set back time and return to a higher standard of national leadership?

As a nation, we survived puritans, wars, prohibition, the roaring twenties, Woodstock and Nixon. During each era, self-appointed sages predicted our downfall and a one-way ticket to damnation. That didn’t happen due to responsible leadership and the fact that most Americans are caring and conscientious.

January 17, 2017, ended a period of civility and morality and heralded a decline in intellect and common decency in leadership. Regardless of who the next President is, it will take years to recover from the effect of unchallenged dereliction.

If most of us are conscientious and caring how did we elect leaders who are the antithesis of our values?

None of these theories provide guidance as to how we apologize to our children and grandchildren who will bear the burden of uninformed choices.

Historically generation gaps highlight the wisdom and efforts of the predecessor, but wisdom was glaringly absent during the 2016 election.

We can be thankful that survivors of the Parkland shooting and young Greta Thunberg are not wasting time waiting for apologies or excuses.

Undesirable Feminine Traits in the Workplace Revealed

“You have to be careful or else you might come off as a ball buster.” That was career advice I received back in the sixties. I didn’t know what that meant. I didn’t think of myself as a female with a vengeance toward man parts.

If you discount the first-grade altercation when I launched my lunch pail full of rocks upside the head of the class bully, a behemoth three times my size, I reached adulthood violence-free.

In the sixties, it was hard enough to navigate the workplace without the pall of “ball -buster” casting negative vibes over my work cubicle.  I did what most women did; worked diligently and dependably in the background making sure the male department head always looked super professional—even when he wasn’t—even when he didn’t deserve it.

Years later, in 2002 a butt sketch artist came to our office for an afternoon of mandatory fun, and the explanation for my undesirable moniker was revealed.

My co-workers had a field day coming up with appropriate titles for the sketch. I prefer to categorize the object as that of an independent thinker. (First grade was the last time I threw rocks at anyone.)

Emily Peck’ s article, “How to Act Nicely Around Men,” covered a seminar conducted in 2018, that instructed women on how to behave among male co-workers, complete with desired feminine traits.

The guidelines were a throwback to the sixties and “independent thinker” did not appear in the feminine portion of the equation.

I’m pretty certain ball-busters need not apply either.

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