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Call in Pest Control and Refuse to Become a Victim of the Disenfranchised

Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret

The definition of disenfranchisement is having no power to affect the society you live in. Some argue the Trump presidency is a result of the disenfranchised.

Galvanized, they voted and proved they had the power to affect the society we live in. The unfortunate outcome of this power is, as we say in the South, “if you lie with dogs, you get fleas.” And people, we got a major flea infestation.

Right now I am wondering where’s the pest control?

Since Rudy Giuliani’s arrival, activity from the oval office reads like a chapter from Jimmy Breslin’s Book, “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.”

The commander in chief’s behavior is so noxious The New York Times tracked and reported it. Quite an eye-opener.

Have our elected representatives joined the ranks of the disenfranchised? Do they believe they have no power to affect change?

They are doing nothing, well almost nothing. Today several of them are singing for their supper, speaking at the national NRA convention.

At this milestone in my life, it angers me to live in a world where young people are afraid to go to school and teachers pack heat.

I never expected to fear that some nut walking next to me in the mall carries a weapon and is ready to “take out a bad guy.”

Our leaders tout mental health as a solution to bring gun violence under control. I agree. Congress needs to use their exceptional medical insurance coverage and get treatment.

Many of us feel like we have become victims of the disenfranchised.

I refuse to be a victim and this is not what I expected or am willing to accept.


Mary Margaret


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