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An Update in the legal term "Lunacy" is Required.

Trump’s leadership is an exaggeration in dysfunction, and scary as hell.

Mary Margaret

The MAGA’s voice and posturing have obscured the lines between fact, information and elevated ignorance to stupid and currently border on lunacy.

Ignorance Definition: Lacking knowledge about something or deliberate disregard for information regarding facts or events. (I’m calling stupid on this one).

Stupid definition: “slow of mind; obtuse, given to unintelligent decisions or acts; acting in an unintelligent or careless manner.” Example: Trump Rally.

We are all ignorant at times about issues, but choosing to remain that way is stupid.

Given today’s access to information, stupid is a treatable condition but comes with a caveat – responsibility. Taking responsibility for seeking reliable sources for information is time-consuming.  Accepting Twitter or Facebook blathering is unreliable. Many of the tweets are old information or from sources that are questionable.

Unfortunately, some of our elected officials have saturated the stratosphere with examples of ignorance and stupidity and advanced to lunacy. If a visual is required check out Louie Gohmert.

Lunacy: “Unsoundness of mind sufficient to incapacitate one for civil transactions: a former legal term.”

It’s time to update legal terms to include lunacy.

What Other People Expect You to Say Is Not Your Problem

Mary Margaret says:Mary Margaret

I often find myself in deep **** and through no fault of my own.

As time marches on, more often than not, I find I do not live up to other’s expectations.

This observation threw me into a panic for a hot minute. I don’t want to become one of those women, whose mouth goes into overdrive when the brain fails to check speech.

Then again, today women speak out. Speaking out has never been an issue for me. It’s what I do best, but it often lands me in hot water.

Most people expect mature women to follow some outmoded concept of societal structure. Truth is, most mature women do not. Life is short; it is liberating to discard unrealistic and unwanted expectations.

What people expect you to say or do is not your problem.

Here’s where the rub comes in; most of the time others expectations emanate from their values or standards. My bible thumping auntie who expects I will forgo my evening martini during her visit is dead wrong.

My vegan cousin who expects me to serve tofu turkey for Thanksgiving is nuttier than the fruitcake she brought last year. (It is propping up the broken sofa leg.)

It is impossible to try and figure out another person’s value system, respond, and be genuine. Dr. Seusse had another twist on this theory, “Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

A benign smile and nodding response are not how I roll. (Speaking of “roll,” I have perfected a politically correct, barely perceptible, but effective method to deliver an eye roll, but that’s a topic for another time.)

Those who expect “great expectations” from me should scurry from fiction to the self-help section of the bookstore.


Don’t Cry When Things Go Wrong-Do What Men Do-Head For the Nearest Bar

 Southern women were taught that crying is therapeutic; sit down and have a good cry. Get it out of your system when things go wrong.

Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret

Crying was the only option women had before Xanax therapy they could drink in public.
Duped into believing a little cold water splashed on their face concealed the ravages of a crying jag. No one mentioned the afterglow of the ugly cry; a big red nose and bloodshot eyes.

After much deliberation, I decided I’d as soon someone see me rip-roaring drunk rather than bawling like some misbegotten female in a bad soap opera. Crying is a sign of weakness and women have evolved beyond sniveling and whining.

Crying is what men expect us to do when we get upset.

No one would dream of telling a man to have a good cry and everything would be fine. Do what they do and head for the nearest bar when things go wrong.
You are going to look as awful from drinking as you would crying so you may as well drown your sorrows in an adult beverage.

After three martinis my eyes turn red. Two Irish coffees and my sinuses decongest. After four tequila shots, I start to sing and THAT sounds like the neighbor’s cat in heat. I look as bad after the booze as I do after the ugly cry.

Forget about wailing when thing go wrong. Drinking is a therapeutic option; may even prevent Alzheimer’s.

       Note: Originally published by Mary Margaret in 2014


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