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Strictly biased, unbalanced and politically incorrect.

Women in History Fall Behind in Texas Textbooks

Update: Here’s what Dana Milbank, of the  Washington Post, wrote about “the veil of ignorance.”

I wonder what qualifies someone to serve on the Texas Board of Education textbook committee?

Lineage dating back to Neanderthals must be a requirement. Is it any wonder the rest of the United States, and possibly the entire world, view Texans as low I.Q. mouth breathers?

It should come as no surprise that Texas high school students might be taught that Moses “informed the American Founding documents.”

The latest textbook committee peccadillo concerning the state’s social studies requirements was should the word “heroic”  be removed in describing the Alamo defenders.

Caused quite a flap; even a representative from the Texas Values group protested removal of the adjective stating, “In Texas, you don’t mess with the Alamo and you don’t mess with our Christian heritage,” The seven women who survived the battle of the Alamo didn’t pass muster for a mention in textbooks.

Christian heritage in Texas is rarely mentioned except when the legislature is in session and the state finds ways to restrict women’s rights.

Last week the state board of education voted to remove Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the history curriculum. The first woman in history to be nominated for President of the United States is not worthy of mention in history studies? Helen Keller, a role model for courage, is not worthy of mention?

Members of the Texas State Board of Education are elected and there are no term limits.

The seven women who currently serve on the fifteen-member board probably don’t know that seven women survived the battle of the Alamo.

I doubt it is mentioned anywhere in a history book.













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Donald Trump and The Revenge of the Dumb Southerner

Mary Margaret

Now he’s gone and done it – using dumb southerner as a slur.

Southerners help put DJT into office, an event best described by the lyrics in the song “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.”

The southerners who serve in his cabinet won’t consider his comment a term of endearment.

But, I must admit, some of the southerners he has chosen to serve are not the owners of any great brain trust. No one ever used “Rick Perry” and “smart” in the same sentence and yet he is secretary of the US Energy Department.

One must wonder where Sarah Sanders head is. A southern woman who spends every day defending the indefensible is indefensible.

Nikki Haley, another southern woman and our Ambassador to the United States, given who she must work with, has kept it together admirably.

This may come as a surprise, but as a lifelong southerner, I was thrilled to hear DJT use the term “dumb southerner.” The mid-terms are just around the corner. Who knows – with his high IQ he might even say it again.

I’m hoping enough of the dumb southerners retaliate in the November mid-terms and make sure the stable genius has some new opposition with backbone.


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You know You are Famous When Senate Candidate Blocks You on Twitter

Wow, am I famous?

Probably not; more like infamous. But my confidence just got a huge boost. I feel like I just won the lottery or got a lucrative book deal. (Nah the lottery would be better.)

I read twitter once a day, primarily for comic relief. The posts are better than the cartoon section in the newspaper, and I love Randy Rainbow. He makes more sense than DJT whom I don’t follow.

When I logged onto Twitter today for my daily laugh, there it was in big bold letters Dr. Kelli Ward has blocked you. For anyone who has been living under a mushroom for the past news cycle, she is a Republican candidate in Arizona running for the Senate.

Kelli Ward, a Tea Party darling, joins a long list of Trump followers. Compared to her Kellyanne Conway qualifies for membership in Mensa. Wards politics lean so far to the right that Anne Coulter turned progressive.

And, she is just what this country needs; another Republican doctor in Congress.

Ordinarily, I’d be crushed because I believe women need to demonstrate solidarity when possible. But I can unequivocally state I am over the moon that she wanted to distance herself from me.

But the larger issue here is this; Kelli is no steel magnolia. I am not famous,  but if she gets in a snit over my scribbles, can you imagine how she will react the first time she has to go head to toe with Elizabeth Warren?

 (No snarky remarks about Elizabeth’s claim to be of Native American descent. If her family believes that to be true everyone else should get a life.)  

Kelli has a degree in osteopathic medicine. If she gets elected, she may want to write herself a prescription for Xanax. She may need it to survive her sensitivity issues.



Lie With Dogs and Get Fleas Part Two

Mama said, “if you lie with dogs you get fleas” when I drifted toward an alliance she considered risky.

As a teenager, I questioned the logic of people, dogs, and fleas.

Later as parents, we cautioned our offspring, “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are.”

We didn’t know Vladimir Lenin was credited with this quote. (In our defense, we are Texans and the axiom is also accredited to a Mexican proverb.)

A Dan Rather interview in 1999 revealed Trump had his eye on the presidency. He had seventeen years to get up to speed in diplomacy, world history, american history, and sociology.

He did not feel the need to prepare as evidenced by a quote from CNN, “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault” (May 8, 2013.)

US Presidents uphold a tradition of dignity, inspiration, and leadership combined with humanity. Not this administration. Money and the ability to deceive are the characteristics that define Trump, and his cabinet.

It is certainly not skills, experience or the ability to lead.

It has been a long two years and nearly every day, we wake up to some new unbelievable action and reaction the chaos of his influence creates. Our global reputation could take decades to recover the respect we once enjoyed.


The Republican-controlled Congress is not inclined to reign him in or disavow his ineptness, so one must assume he is performing according to their agenda.

Fast forward to 2018 and Mama’s observation regarding dogs and fleas pales in comparison to reality. However, the quote from Lenin about Trump and friends is spot on.

Fleas can be managed; thugs are more difficult to get rid of.



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Life in the USA under a Perry Presidency

Wonder what it might be like to live in the USA if Perry beat snowball in Hell odds and became President?

He’d have an all-male cabinet along with some right-wing nut like Bill O’Reilly as vice president, a pharmaceutical lobbyist for chief of staff and a hairstylist on call 24/7. Government contracts awarded to the biggest campaign contributors.

WebMD would provide healthcare.

Perry stated abstinence works.

He could prohibit birth control devices with an executive order. When black-market contraceptives failed women could give birth at the local fire station.

After a vaccination for HPV teenage females would undergo a sonogram as proof.

Perry’s own poor academic record was the basis for assigning a low priority to education in Texas.

Public education would stop in the sixth grade with textbook material approval by Pres. Perry. As a result of a lack of support for education, low-wage jobs would be the norm.

As a  standard pre-employment test the ability to articulate “would you like fries with that,”  ensures unemployment falls to an acceptable level. Failing that, a career as a tent revival preacher might prevent homelessness.

National parks without funding would evaporate into ghost towns. US borders would close to international travelers and Americans would be required to pack heat and wear cowboy boots. Fox network would be the only source of national and world news.

The Urban Dictionary states, “labeling someone a turd in the punch bowl is most appropriate when the individual’s deleterious influence goes beyond mere faux pas or nuisance behaviors and rises to the level of deliberate offense for its own sake.”

Based on his leadership as Governor, Perry has satisfied the first requirement of the label and requires only the punchbowl.


Originally posted August 2011. Substitute "Trump" for "Perry". Punchbowl theory still applies.


How To Survive The Evening News When the Price of Tequila Doubles

A double portion of tequila goes a long way in numbing me enough to watch the evening news.

Even in a Margaritaville state of mind, I’m calling BS on Ivanka Trump closing her company.

The clothes were tacky, and not selling. I checked them out and the dresses were overpriced polyester aka cheap freeze/fry fabric. If worn in winter it feels like being trapped in an ice-cycle; in the summer a sweatsuit.

There are far more serious issues facing Texans and that is the rise in the cost of tequila and avocados.

As a sixth generation Texan, I consider guacamole my birthright. If it is not at the top of the food pyramid, it should be.

The price of avocados almost doubled this past month. The produce manager at the supermarket, whispered, “It’s HIM,” when I asked why the increase. I left the supermarket in a snit with my overpriced avocados. (And no, I will not be offering the pricey guacamole to guests, so don’t expect any when you come to visit.)

Next stop, liquor store to discover sticker shock on my tequila. This is an assault on Texans and no one is doing anything to stop Trump.

The lack of outrage demonstrated by our Governor and other state officials about the tariffs on products from Mexico is appalling.

Ted Cruz is too much of a hypocrite to take a stand on anything that his wing-nut base doesn’t dictate. Then again, he is NOT a native Texan, so he doesn’t know the rules.

Our Governor, a native Texan, always touting states’ rights, has yet to address this crisis. Guess he has to check with the NRA first.

The administration is offering aid to farmers for the ill-conceived tariff on their products. Farmers are not the only ones hurting.

Given Trump’s bromance with Putin, I’ll have to make the switch to Vodka.

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Donald Trump Does Not Understand Dr. Seuss

Someone has been reading Dr. Seuss to Trump and he took one of the quotes to heart.

Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Mary MargaretQuite a few of us discovered we minded a great deal, but then we already knew that we don’t matter.

As we say in the South, “that boy ain’t right.” There is no other explanation for Trump calling everything a witch hunt.

His MAGA lemmings will drink the kool-aid and overlook that he is not capable of telling the truth.

H. L. Menken wrote, “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

He was correct and since we can’t retire the moron soon enough for most of us, I have a proposal to save our sanity, reduce our alcohol consumption and return to a somewhat normal lifestyle.

I suggest print, broadcast media, all social media, and late-night comedians cease to mention DJT, except for once weekly reporting.

Heck, I’d even read about the Kardashians.

Journalist could report on all the things Congress is not doing and stir up a maelstrom of venom.

A recent newscast on a local TV station featured a story about summer camp for homeless children. There are over 1,000 children on any given night in Dallas that don’t have a home. This is a situation worth publicizing.

As for reporting on Trump and his latest act of buffoonery, the press by now should have developed a cut and paste template:

He Lied/Embarrassed the United States/Put Us in Harm’s Way

He Walked Back/Used a Diversion Tactic/Cited His Stable Genius Solution

One of Dr. Seuss lesser known quotes is timely in these uncertain times. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”


Be Nice To Sarah Sanders; She Works Hard for the Money

The restaurant owner who refused to serve Sarah Sanders missed an opportunity to show Sarah how classy liberal Democrats behave.

It is hard to understand how any progressive-minded woman could support the Republican agenda, especially the current misogynist-in-chief.

Sarah had many other career options. She and her husband founded Second Street Strategies, a consulting firm that provides general consulting services for Republican campaigns.  She exhibits the kind of grit and backbone that define steel magnolias. Why she chose to use her skills for evil defies rational thinking.

I asked myself what I would have done had I been the owner of The Red Hen restaurant.

Had it been Trump who came to dine, oh hell no. I would absolutely, without any hesitation whatsoever refuse to serve him.

As for Sarah; maybe not. I have some degree of empathy for her, because most women, at some point in their career, have worked for someone who was less than intelligent, or the reincarnation of evil. Many women may not have the option of telling a bleating jackass to shove it, but she does.

Asking her to leave the restaurant was ill-conceived. There is zero chance this action would convince Sarah to change her politics. It served to reinforce anti-liberal bias.

I would ask my staff to serve her politely, and professionally, but not solicitously. When it came time to present the check, I would inform her, there was no charge for her meal.

When she thanked me, as surely a well brought up southern woman would do, I would tell her this is how liberal democrats create alliances.

I’d say how difficult it was to refrain from treatment in kind, considering the vitriolic falsehoods she dishes out on a daily basis.

As a parting shot, I’d ask her how she plans to explain to her daughter one day, why she chose to be the female spokesperson for the worst leader in American history.

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Why is There a Mass of Old People Converging on the Liquor Store?

There is a strange phenomenon occurring at the liquor store. The last few times I have shopped there the store is so crowded with old people, I can hardly make my way to the tequila.

Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret

By the time I have located the vodka and gin, weaving my way around a bunch of Medicare recipients, I am spent.

Try navigating a heavy shopping cart laden with a months supply of spirits around walkers with wheels. These folks seem to congregate around the brandy and cheap wine. What’s up with that?

Polls say older people are the ones who elected the current commander in chief. (I’m following the example of a good friend and refuse to call you-know-who by name.) I’d need to know a lot more about the research before I’d bite off on that one. The mature people I know recognize a snake oil salesman when they see one, so I doubt the validity of that poll.

I think I have it figured out.

We have entered the sixth month of the year and people have entered the Medigap coverage. For the unenlightened, the coverage gap happens after the drug company has extracted their ransom for your medication. For the remainder of the year, you have the option of buying food or contributing to the rich druglord big Pharma.

These people are taking a holistic approach to managing their medications and hitting the liquor store. This is the stuff People’s Pharmacy do not advocate, but there is a one-hundred and twelve-year-old man in Austin, Texas who smokes a dozen cigars a day and swigs whiskey and coffee.

The liquor store may be a more cost-effective solution than the pharmacy.

Just wait til these folks hear about Amazon starting home delivery for booze. Can’t come too soon for me.


Mary Margaret – June 22, 2018


Donald Trump, the Modern Day Borgia

Move over Borgia, here comes  Trump circa 2018.

The Borgias of the Italian Renaissance era are often described as history’s most notorious dynasty. But that was before the Donald’s regime.

Trump’s leadership style is comparable to one who believes himself to be the head of a dynasty. His behavior is often portrayed as that of an Emperor or King, and while I’d stop short of using a faith-based comparison of Trump to a modern-day pope, there are similarities between him and Rodrigo.

Rodrigo Borgia who became Pope Alexander VI in 1492, was vain, self-absorbed, and ruthless. Born into nobility, he studied canon law and eventually became a cardinal.

Trump born into wealth is vain, self-absorbed and ruthless. He doesn’t read unless it’s on Twitter and started a university that eventually failed.

Rodrigo was a lascivious, womanizing scoundrel who participated in orgies and sex parties.

As for Trump  – rumor has it…

Rodrigo Borgia had a plan in 1492 to make renaissance Italy great again.  He used extortion, bribery and torture to wriggle his way up the papal chain.

Trump ran on a platform to make America great again and used subterfuge, lies, and half-truths to win. The electoral college system placed him in power.

Rodrigo fathered a gaggle of kids and brought the two most obnoxious into the regime; Cesare and Lucrezia.

Not to be outdone, The Donald brought in daughter Ivanka who may not be totally obnoxious, but let’s just say the #MeToo Movement would not give her high marks.

Once Rodrigo reached Popedom, cardinal turnover was high. Pope Alex 6 bestowed favor on cardinals who supported him and eliminated those who dared to oppose him.

Likewise, Trump’s cabinet resembles a revolving door, although thus far none are swimming with the fishes as far as we know.

There is always a bright side to every situation and we can take comfort in the fact that Donald is not as intelligent as Rodrigo was.

And, it might not hurt to remember the George Santayana quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”



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