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Reality TV

I don’t get reality TV. It doesn’t meet the criteria of the lowest level of soap opera standards. It’s a documentary on crack. It’s certainly not art. You’d have to have the IQ of a fruit fly to be fan of this type of entertainment. Sister Wives Deals with polygamy.This […]

If You Need a Job, Don’t Bother to Apply

A recent news story featuring the unemployed indicated more businesses are not accepting applications from long-term unemployed or layoff candidates. Applicants must be currently employed. With nearly fourteen million unemployed, how did we get to a place where this obvious lack of social conscience is acceptable? Suppose an individual had […]

Email Crackpots

Why do people forward political emails, especially when they know your views are 360 degrees apart? Maybe they believe you’ll eventually cave if they assault you with enough propaganda. Or, maybe they believe this breaking news flash will push all your hot buttons and you will be converted. A friend […]