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Bad Feng Shui in The Whitehouse?

The horrifying tenant in the ninety’s movie Pacific Heights would not vacate the premises. His reign of terror devalued the property and forced the owners into foreclosure as he stood by ready to pick it up for a song. Sounds like another real estate developer doesn’t it, except the person […]

Take a knee

I’d take a knee if both of mine weren’t titanium. It requires much heavy lifting to return them upright once they reach the floor. Pious hypocrisy and flag-waving indignation obscure the intent behind athletes taking a knee during the national anthem or pledge of allegiance. Taking a knee is a […]

Stealing My Zen

The pool is my Zen moment. It is an opportunity to escape the orange menace, corvid, and ancillary fallout of stuff that makes me grind my teeth. Early mornings usually find me in our pool, with a lone neighbor who  reads his morning paper and prefers his own company. We […]