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COVID and the Loonies

The pandemic is cruel and heartbreaking. Many families will find it impossible to return to whatever their normal was. It seems whenever there is a crisis the loonies amongst us proliferate like fire ants. Take the pastor who refuses to wear a mask because he can’t picture Jesus wearing one […]

The History of Snark

Webster defines snarky as sarcastic, caustic, crotchety, snappy, impertinent, or irreverent. Irreverent; defined as lacking proper respect or seriousness or satiric, best describes the intent of this writer. My experience is irreverence or a lack of seriousness can get you through a lot of bad situations. In the land before […]

Moving On

Ten years ago Biased, Unbalanced and Politically Incorrect began as a result of this writer’s inability to filter her mouth. Topics ranged from mindless blathering about everyday life, my opinion on politics that veer to the left of center and outspoken commentary from Mary Margaret. Ten years ago, I never […]