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No More Statues Please

A good place to begin to end racism is to acknowledge our country was conceived in white supremacy. History has demonstrated that repeatedly. We have torn down statues, renamed streets, and are in the process of renaming schools. Many of the statues memorialize past leaders of our country, men who […]

Texas Power Grid and The Pandemic

Texas in the summer is akin to a cool spot in hell. Logic dictates that more people staying at home will be using air-conditioning, the stove, and television. Scientists have been warning of pandemics and the consequences of ignoring attention to our power grid for years. Somehow this information eluded […]

Quarantined and Enlightened

As a teenager, when someone made nasty comments about my hair/clothes/ general appearance, mother used to say, “You look as good as she does.” That was a loaded response depending on who my aggressor was. If they were attractive, I felt better. If they were a bit lacking in physical […]