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Politicians, Body Language and Lies

Here’s what I said about body language, politicians and lies in September 2011.

The recent televised Republican presidential candidate debate did not reveal anything new or enlightening about any of the candidates. It was an opportunity to observe body language and the various contortions affected by the debaters as the evening of spin progressed.

Texans know from too many years of experience when Governor Perry is going to tell a whopper.

In his best televangelist move, he rocks forward on his toes, rolls his eyes and his mouth goes ballistic. His head bobbles around like a cheap carnival prize doll. If he happens to be seated during a Q & A, he squirms around in his seat like the guy in the TV commercial for Gas X. The makeover with the sleek coif cannot disguise his hand in the cookie jar expression. He looks like a trapped possum having an out-of-body experience. If it were someone other than Rick Perry, it would be painful to watch.

Michelle Bachmann’s hairdo is an indication of the daily dose of science fiction she is going to spew.

When her hair is flowing about her shoulders, she is going to invoke God and politicize his possible involvement in hurricanes and earthquakes. Perhaps she believes the almighty will intervene on her behalf and award her the Republican candidacy. When the flowing mane is fashioned in an upsweep similar to a Pentecost preacher’s wife; watch out! Women are going to be offended. We will be admonished to be submissive to our husbands. She needs to return to the land of Nod.

Newt Gingrich has been lying so long, he could pass a lie detector test fully anesthetized.

As the language of politicians doesn’t appear to change much, perhaps we would be well advised to observe how they speak and disregard what they say.

Here’s what changed in September 2018:

Michele Bachmann considered running for Al Franken’s seat in congress. She indicated God would let her know what to do.

The Image (shown above, and below in the embedded tweet) was captured and shared by Marissa Luna of Alliance for a Better Minnesota.)

Who knows? She’s not running.









And then there’s Rick Perry who now heads oops.








Body language is a huge reveal. If you don’t believe me watch DJT next time he is telling a whopper.  With arms crossed over puffed out chest, eyes rolling around like a squirrel on crack; Donnie is telling a whopper.















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    Some things never change!

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