COVID and the Loonies

The pandemic is cruel and heartbreaking. Many families will find it impossible to return to whatever their normal was.

It seems whenever there is a crisis the loonies amongst us proliferate like fire ants.

Take the pastor who refuses to wear a mask because he can’t picture Jesus wearing one as he traveled about praying for people. Said it just didn’t “compute” for him.

I wonder how does he “pictures” Jesus?

I’ll bet his Jesus is the golden-haired blue-eyed icon depicted in a painting in my childhood sunday school class.

Would it be unkind to hypothesize this theologian is unfamiliar with geography and ancient history? I’m no expert in either of these disciplines, but given location, ethnicity, and time Jesus probably looked more like Anwar Sadat than Leonardo DiCaprio.

The pastor said we are supposed to see ourselves in Christ. I wonder who he sees when he looks at his image. I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet that he probably doesn’t hang around much with guys who look like Anwar Sadat. And I’m guessing Leonardo DiCaprio does not attend his services.

I don’t claim to know what Jesus would do, but recollections from my long-ago sunday school lessons indicate he was compassionate and probably would urge us to take care of one another by wearing masks.

If science, history, and geography don’t “compute” for the good pastor, I hope his sphere of influence is limited and his flock listened to the experts and stayed home that Sunday..