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Fairy Tales Prove To Be Too Grim

Read fairy tales I thought. That should provide relief from reading about you-know-who.

I believed I would feel better.

I was wrong.

“Bluebeard”,   a wealthy and powerful man, is an ugly nobleman who has been married several times to beautiful women who have all vanished.

After hosting a banquet, he chooses the youngest daughter of his neighbor to be his wife.  She goes to live with him in his rich and luxurious palace in the countryside, away from her family. The similarities between Bluebeard and a current persona non grata are astounding.

This was depressing and I moved on to Hans Christian Anderson.  In “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, unscrupulous weavers promise the emperor a set of new clothes. The clothes are invisible to those who are unfit, stupid or incompetent. The Emperor refused to admit he couldn’t see the clothes and be judged unfit. The Emperor’s noblemen bowed, scraped, and declared the clothing magnificent.

This sounded too much like Trump’s recent cabinet meeting so I read no further.

The brothers Grimm wrote the “Town Musicians of Bremen,” in about 1853. A donkey, dog, cat, and chicken find themselves disenfranchised. They believe, united they can make a better life and set out for Bremen. On the way, they discover a cottage occupied by robbers. Peeping in the window, the animals see a table covered with good things and the robbers enjoying themselves. The animals force the robbers to abandon the cottage, move in and live happily ever after.

It occurred to me if this tale were written today, the ending would be quite different. The animals would have found themselves kicked to the curb and Donald, Ivanka, Jared and Steve occupying the cottage.

So much for fairy tales. I am going to binge-watch “Orange is the New Black.”


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