fear monger

Breaking News

breaking news Breaking news has escalated to  a tragic, heartbreaking degree  and I want to hide. We scarcely recover from one horrific event until another surfaces. For most of us it is impossible to imagine the magnitude of the chaos and destruction that  bombard us daily. Finding good news is nearly impossible. There is a man made bogeyman behind every headline.

While reading a news story online a pop up ad appeared advertising grocery savings. That  was something I wanted to know more about. I followed the link. An ad for a pricey gardening blueprint appeared along with several creepy manuals. Instruction manuals on how to acquire  10,000 bullets and  make gunpowder topped the list of publications.I navigated away from the site. None of the information was free. Fear mongers and snake oil salesmen profit from breaking news and never display any form of altruism. Recovering from current events is difficult enough. I’m not ready to contemplate fallout from unknown mayhem.

If women were in charge of governments you’d see war machines shut down.  Generations of masculine rule have provided us with expertise in the art of compromise and restraint.

“Breaking News” is breaking our psyche. Perhaps the universe will command a worldwide time out.  It’s what a woman would do if she were in charge.

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