gifts from the universe

When the Universe Sends a Gift

Warm and fuzzy pieces rarely make an appearance on “You’re not supposed to Say that”. But, when the universe sends a gift that makes your feet want to do a happy dance and you smile for days; you have to share.

I was in the craft store looking for black paint. Wearing saggy baggy on the way to the gym attire, wonky hair and no makeup, the chances of running into anyone I knew were zero. The odds of finding me in a craft store were less than zero as my talent for arts and craft is limited to purchasing a decorative feeding bowl for the cat.

With readers perched on the end of my nose as I read the directions on a spray paint can (who reads the directions on a can of spray paint?)  someone called my name. As I turned  a giant hug enveloped the saggy baggy attire, wonky hair and no makeup mess that was me.The face of a former co-worker from Nine years ago greeted me. Think of it, NINE years.

Nine years ago, while my business casual attire did not qualify for Project Runway, it was a vast improvement over the current on the way to the gym appearance. This person could have breezed right past me without a second thought and a guilt-free conscience, but she didn’t.

That giant hug continued to cheer me for the remainder of the day and the next and the day after that.

That particular day I  needed a boost. Sometimes the universe sends an unexpected angel and if her name also happens to BE Angel, kind of makes you wonder.

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