How Do Hipocrites Behave When No One is Looking?

Hipocrites and Duty

Hipocrites and Duty

Elected officials who refuse to issue a marriage license based on their religious beliefs are grandstanding, intolerant hypocrites with a huge dose of ignorance tossed in. Aside from refusing to perform the duties of the office they hold, they illustrate what happens without the practice of separation of church and state.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and hypothesize if their religion doesn’t support same sex marriage, there’s a good chance they take that admonition in Leviticus literally and avoid gay people like the plague. Out of sight of demographic pandering  how far will these wannabe zealots go to support their “religious belief.”

If the hillbilly county clerk in Knee Jerk, Texas is as religious as she claims what are the limits of her comfort zone in adhering to her religious beliefs?

Can we assume she refuses to patronize businesses owned by those same people she won’t issue a license. How much of a vetting process does she do to avoid commerce with gay people? How does she handle her religious beliefs when no one is looking?

Gays are sitting ducks when applying for a marriage license, not so much so in commerce. In order to be  true to her religious beliefs, does she limit her accessibility to fashion, entertainment, cosmetics and literature, art and  restaurants?

Is she willing to query healthcare providers such as dentists, eye care professionals, hospital caregivers and physical therapy? Let’s say she finds herself in the emergency room with a big old heart attack. Is she going to inquire as to the Doc’s sexuality prior to consenting to treatment? I’m betting no siree bub.

If your behavior denies someone his or her rights because of your religion, then at least be consistent.

Otherwise, it’s simply an exercise in petty wielding power and religion has nothing to do with it.

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