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The Likability Factor is Male Imposed Criteria That Needs to Cease

Please explain to me how likability influences political choices. This question seems to arise only when it is a woman who is considering running for political office.

I wonder if a female version of Trump, who had the same personal behavior/history and competence, could garner the same measure of devotion by the MAGA crowd. I’m thinking probably not. (At the moment, aside from Roseanne Barr, I can’t think of a female public figure who shares the same qualities/abilities as Trump.)

Here we are in 2019, contemplating possible candidates for the 2020 presidential election and if the candidate is a woman, the first question posed “Is she likable?”

Why is the emphasis on being likable?  When a woman announces she is running for public office, the focus is not on qualifications and experience, but her likability.  In the last presidential election, Hillary Clinton, plagued by the likability factor, was savaged by her use of the word, “deplorable.” Judging from clips of Trump rallies, she was spot on. Even worse, Trump basked in the admiration of those who carried the banner for his low standards.

Would a female candidate for the supreme court who displayed the same angry, hysterical, red-faced, tearful temperament as Justice Kavanaugh, been confirmed? Not a chance.

We elected a male television personality, despite his record of a flawed value system and appalling personal behavior, and rejected a highly qualified woman because she was not considered “likable.”

If there is an experienced, qualified female candidate for the next presidential election, I hope the next journalist or television newscaster who utters the “L” word, has to ghostwrite Trump’s next book, “The Art of Screwing Over an Entire Country.

These are Mary Margaret’s thoughts


Mary Margaret and the Candidates

Mary Margaret is the guest blogger this week.

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Mark Twain  said, “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”

It is nowhere near the November election and I am ready for a change.

If I see one more item about Donald Trump’s exploits, I may throw up.

The Republicans feign outrage at his antics. I don’t know why. He is the poster child for their agenda. They just don’t like  hearing it come from the mouth of a jackass. The man is a right wing nut and venomously dangerous.

I like Bernie; he is a hippie like me. I don’t agree with everything he proposes, but he has drawn attention to the middle class. As far as the socialist tag goes – give me a break. People who object to “free” everything are the ones who park their “free” tax dollars in an offshore account. Having said that, I am weary of hearing about the revolution. It isn’t the 70’s.

I’m really torqued off at the media. They have made fun of Bernie’s age. Half the crew on Sixty Minutes are Bernie’s age and you don’t hear anyone in the media making snide comments about them.

Then there is Hillary.

Why did she feel it necessary to trot Bill out to campaign for her? His appearance brought up issues that had nothing to do with her. He should have stayed home.

I do care about her damned emails. She knew the rules and didn’t follow them. I don’t give a tinker’s damn how many others in positions of power did the same thing. It is still wrong. I wonder if her mama  asked her if all her friends jumped off a cliff would she join them. (Probably not; her mama wasn’t southern).

I am sick of hearing about the likability factor. At the mention of Hillary, most of the time, the first words you hear are, “I don’t like her”.

Well, I don’t like a lot of people. I can’t stand my internet service provider, my insurance provider and one of my doctors, but they are the best at what they do.

It’s a long time until November; long enough for the haters to do some hard research and support the only female candidate who is the best qualified to be president.


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