Politically Incorrect

There is a price to pay for being politically incorrect.

I don’t like the comparison, but what to call my site; one-sided, unfair and, offensive? Biased, unbalanced and politically incorrect, are adjectives associated with Donald Trump,  and Duck Dynasty.

The adjectives are the same, but the underbelly of right-wing Republican extremist created Trump’s platform.

My point of view is quite different.

Born in an era when elders cautioned children, especially female children, to be seen and not heard.  This I felt was grossly unfair. When I failed which was often I found myself in hot water. As an adult, I kicked up my rebellion a notch or two.

  • My bias reflects a liberal point of view.
  • Some believe I am unbalanced –  they are entitled to their opinion.
  • As for being politically incorrect – guilty!

As a declared feminist, political correctness historically has proven to be infective. Legislators cite conservatism and political correctness while reducing women’s rights bit by bit each year.

When speaking out against unfairness sometimes we have to resort to unusual methods.

For example, an old farmer when asked why he whacked his mule upside the head before giving a command, responded he had to get the mule’s attention first. Now, I don’t know about everyone, but most southerners know a mule is the spawn of a male jackass. Seems to me we have a lot of mules, who are tone-deaf and in charge of everything.

Biased, unbalanced and politically incorrect point of view is my way of applying verbal whack on the head; Trump and Duck Dynasty be damned.


Southern Food and Dr. Weil

Dr. Weil declared southern food safe! I knew it was only a matter of time before a medical expert confirmed what southerners already know. Our food is exceptional and just as healthy as other regional cuisine.

Dr Weil sanctioned fried chicken. It’s about time. Fried chicken is addicting. Only a hard nose whose taste buds have rigor mortis can resist it.

Southerners are not backwoods hillbillies tooling around Walmart with a Mountain Dew in one hand and a moon pie in the other. Most southerners today have never tasted possum, squirrel or other members of the rodent family.

As a lifelong southerner, I question the character of anyone who turns up their noses at grits. People who refuse to eat grits have a serial killer or worse somewhere in their family tree. Who can pass up shrimp and grits? Spicy foods have health benefits. Just douse those grits with a healthy dose of Tabasco and you got health food.

Chicken fried steak is awesome. But, a southerner would never serve it with the strange white glop that restaurants pass off as gravy. Steak gravy is always brown and served over mashed potatoes and biscuits.

I’ll bet  the snobs who turn up their noses at collard greens are closet junkies and eat them with the lights off and blinds pulled.

I will go on record and state ribs are healthy. Mostly bone, a person would have to consume pounds, and pounds of them to get that cholesterol jacked up. Besides, they are protein and lord knows our bodies need protein.

Don’t even get me started on chili. No one who lives North of Texarkana, Texas should ever attempt chili. Chili made with beans is heresy to a Texan.

Dr. Weil did not offer  “healthy” versions of our cuisine. Southerners know that substituting ingredients  to make our comfort foods healthy always succeeds.

And the reason is – no one will eat it.

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