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We’ve Seen Enough-It’s Time to Say Something-Loud and Clear

If you see something, say something…..

Open Carry/Concealed/Carry is a huge mistake; should have never become law.
Guns should be restricted to one’s dwelling for those who feel they must have them. Few individuals have a legitimate business need to carry a gun outside their home.

If you feel you need to carry a weapon to feel safe, you are screwed up. Enjoy your special challenge in the privacy of your home.

Amazon can provide most of life’s necessities. There are a variety of multi-lingual spiritual advisors on television 24/7. Stay home so the rest of us can get on with our lives without fear.

There will never be a way to exclude mental health risks from purchasing firearms.

There are far too many people who fall under the radar; those considered eccentric, different, aloof, or the nutty relative who talks to the television. Treatment for diagnosed mental illness in this country is spotty at best and the uninsured can go suck wind.

Our commander-in-chief barely satisfies the lowest common denominator of decency. His appeal and support are from that same quarter. He has done nothing to discourage gun violence.

Texans John Cornyn,  a lackey for the NRA, and Ted Cruz are a disgrace.

On the Sutherland Springs massacre, Ted Cruz quoted one of the members as saying they left their guns in the car out of respect for the church.

Cornyn’s lip service for taking some action to ban bump stocks and hold government agencies accountable for uploading relevant information to the federal background check system is laughable.

This helps exactly how? It is blatant BS band-aid treatment for a life or death issue in our society.

If politicians believe guns are necessary to carry; then they should feel fine with  citizens bringing guns into government buildings.

Let them see how comfortable they are with their distorted second amendment rights. Most of them are putting their mouth where the NRA money is.

As a sixth-generation native Texan, I have gun owner ancestors. My grandfather provided food for ten children hunting wild game. Were he alive today he would be appalled by gun owners carrying weapons for anything other than shooting deer or killing rattlesnakes. Anyone who needs an assault or high capacity loading weapon to shoot wild game should consider becoming vegan. What’s next – a rocket launcher?

Where does this senseless insanity end? Early voting in Texas begins February 20th. Do your homework. Vote out legislators who are supported by the NRA.

We need new solutions. Our generation has created a huge mess and it is killing people.


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